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The East by West community is designed for discerning travelers who wish to explore the world, travel and live at their best. Here, you will discover the best destinations to visit worldwide by the sea, in the mountains, on the desert and in the great cities. Hidden beaches, great culinary haunts and out of the way cultural finds. New opportunities to discover special places, services, people and experiences to remember via our magazines, blogs, discussion boards and on line travel parties. ( access by clicking the pictures below ).

About Our Community

East by West – Why We Do What We Do East by West approaches business and life from the inside out, from a life giving, creative vision and conscious place (unlike many who simply try to sell you stuff and who come from an outside in unconscious place). Being inside out and conscious oriented drives who we are and why we do what we do. That said, here is the foundation of what we believe in: Travel Well & Live @ Your Best – Good Memories East by West is in the good memory business – Introducing our tribe members to special properties at special places to remember (where they connect with people and unique cultures to remember) is what creates good memories and stories to tell. This is what we believe in and why we do what we do. The Wow Factor – Experiences to Remember East by West is also in the wow experience business – which we achieve via Our Rewards with Meaning loyalty program. Here, we empower our tribe of Members to take the vacation of a lifetime, to follow their passion and to do things they have always dreamed of doing. Making dreams come true is what we believe in and why we do what we do. Your Social Forum East by West serves as your forum to interact with other like minded travelers to share the intriguing places you have visited, folkways you have discovered from different cultures, the wow adventures you have experienced with your loved ones and those who you have met and connected with on your journey. To share what really matters.

The East by West Lifestyles Club
Life Success Driven Be Your Best Furthermore, East by West is in the wellness & life success business. East by West really cares about our tribe members so much so that we have developed our lifestyles club which is dedicated to empowering you to achieve wellness &  life success on the road, in the workplace and at home. It’s easy to see that we care via our wellness and life success TV channel, mediation studio, yoga studio, wellness coaching, stress management technologies and much more to empower you to live a life in balance and be your best. The East by West 4 The World Initiatives Do Your Best When people come together in an on line community there is the possibility to make a big difference. It creates the opportunity to raise the consciousness of the entire planet; which is what our 4 The World Initiatives are all about: Together, through the power of our community we can build a much better planet – 4 the world. Think About It Which community would you be more apt to be a member of: a group who is in the on line only discount travel business or East by West who is in the travel well & live @ your best good memory & wow experience business; an entity that is transactional in nature or East by West who promotes your wellness & who empowers you to achieve a life in balance and life success on the road, in the workplace and at home; an entity that is profit only driven as its just business or East by West who is dedicated to making a big difference 4 the world.

A Sense of Belonging Is the True Measure of Membership

If traveling & living at your best where good memories and wow experiences prevail, being your best to achieve wellness, a life in balance and life success on the road, in the workplace and at home, and doing your best 4 the world sounds like you will soon discover that you are not only a member …. You Belong Here!

Social Responsibility

East by West Social Responsibility Travel

When you become a member of The East by West Lifestyles Club, or use our Travel and Booking Platform to book your travel, you will receive access to our one of a kind social networking platform that allows you to engage with other travelers on our site. We give you the tools to meet new people, share your travel experiences, stories, and pictures/videos, and talk about different cultures, and some of the ugly, but very real issues facing the people and our planet. As a member, if you choose to do so, you can then organize, or join, a trip that helps change the world in some way, where you can have a one of a kind experience, while making an impact.

Introducing 4 the World Initiatives

  • 4 World Change & Peace
  • 4 Wounded Warriors
  • 4 The Children
  • 4 The Horses

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