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What Matters

Business Success & High Performance Matters

What really matters in business is to win the game but that is easier said than done. That’s because, much like the ultimate athlete you need to not only master your skill sets but also be able to perform in the zone at your best on command; and you need to be mentally tough where you exercise excellence in the midst of high pressure, conflict and adverse conditions in the battles of competition. To win no matter what life throws at you requires that you get your body, mind and life in shape.

Life Success Matters

Winning the game of business is great but we believe that winning The Game of Life is a higher challenge that requires mastering the game within. That said, the purpose of the Executive Club is to empower our members to achieve success in all aspects of life that matters especially work & life balance so they can live a life that is more successful on the road, in the workplace and at home.

Executive Club add on

members get everything in our Wellness Program

  • Quality Of Life TV ( QOL TV )
  • Conscious Talk Radio
  • Life Success & Wellness Webinars
  • Daily Inspirations
  • The Fitness & Yoga Studio
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Heart Math Stress Management Modalities
  • EM Wave Stress Management Machine
  • Personal Health Advocate & 24/7 Nurse Hotline
  • The East by West Summit

+ ESP ( Executive Success Program ) 

The Executive Success Program (ESP)

Our Executive Success program provides members with a comprehensive ESP Work & Life Balance program with webinars on how to alleviate stress and promote greater well being and unlimited access to multi disciplinary counselors who you can access by phone or email 24/7 365 days a year in more than 150 countries to insure that you perform at your best on the road, in the workplace and at home; no matter what life has to offer. Executive Club Members call for many reasons such as: Work & Management Issues, Wellness Matters, Work & Relationship Matters and Work & Personal Matters such as:

>  Stress management
>  Time management
>  Work & worker dissatisfaction
>  Difficult employees
>  Work harassment
>  Conflict resolution
>  Depression
>  Burnout
>  Substance abuse
>  Legal issues
>  Financial issues
>  Marital & relationship difficulties
>  Parenting issues
>  Elder care
     ………………..  & more

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To ask us more about our club you can either send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can, or you can call us at 844-716-3600 to speak with our concierge.