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What Really Matters

Life Success Matters

Our East by West Life Success & Wellness Club purpose is to empower our members to achieve success in all aspects of life that matters such as fitness and wellness, relationships, career and business success, prosperity and abundance and life happiness so as to live a life that is more conscious, powerful, balanced & successful on the road, in the workplace and at home.

Wellness & Well Being Matters & Getting Your Body, Mind,  Heart & Soul In Shape

Wellness & Well Being matters and unlike others who just focus on body work at East by West we empower you get your body, mind, heart and soul in shape so you can live at your best. We educate, motivate and empower you to LIVE WELL.

Your Spa Continuum Constant Companion

East by West Life Success & Wellness Club serves as your constant companion to ensure that you follow through on your good intentions to live well and to live your best life. It is for this reason that it is the perfect spa continuum for those who have recently visited a spa as it offers the added value of a one year follow through program.

About Our Team of Experts

The Transformation Process & East by West Modalities

East by West are pioneers and experts in the field of performance psychology, wellness and life success coaching and we specialize in the transformation process (the path that takes you from where you are to where you want to be) to be all you can be. Here, we integrate East by West Modalities i.e. the best from the east such as yoga, meditation & zen mindfulness with the best from the west such as sports science and breakthroughs in scientific technologies, (integrated wellness) to empower you to achieve wellness, well being and life success. During this process you will learn how to perform in the zone, become mentally tough and move with spirit so you can win the game of life no matter what life throws at you.

The East by West Hub for Mind/Body Information, Technologies & Education  

Our intention at East by West is to be the best and most comprehensive life success and wellness program in the marketplace and to serve as the hub of Mind/Body information and technologies in America. To achieve this purpose we have structured strategic partnerships and licensing agreements so as to curate and aggregate the best of the best content and transformation technologies from many of The World’s Greatest Thought Leaders & from our Multi Media Associates so as to further empower you to live a life that is more conscious, powerful, balanced and successful. To Live Well.


The Awakening

1. Wellness & Life Success TV

Quality of Life TV As a member of East by West you are entitled to receive Quality of Life TV streaming content presented by many of the world’s leading experts who share with you their secrets to achieving fitness & wellness via alternative health,  loving relationships, career and business success, prosperity and abundance and spiritual development so as to empower you to live a life that is more conscious, powerful, balanced & successful. Additionally, you will receive lifestyles content on travel and sports, culture (music, photography & art) as well as ways we can do our best 4 the planet.  Our vision is to use the power of media to entertain, inform and educate people to live a better life and to simultaneously raise the consciousness of the planet regarding such social issues as environmental sustainability, shared values and world peace. QOL TV provides us with the unique opportunity to help unite cultures through initiatives that can enhance the quality of life worldwide.

2.  Conscious Talk Radio for the Body, Mind & Soul

As a member of East by West Life Success & Wellness Club you are also entitled to be an All Access Member of Hay House Talk Radio and begin enjoying over 13,000 hours of empowering and inspiring archived content featuring some of the world’s greatest teachers in health and wellness, personal growth as seen in the psychology of relationships, wealth and prosperity, spirituality and happiness as well as access to new content monthly. Service provided by Hay House Radio.

3.  Meditation Studio App 

East by West has curate-d the best of the best wellness and well being content so that you won’t have to spend countless hours searching the internet. Said content which is designed to conquer stress and anxiety and enhance your focus and performance is now available at your fingertips on an APP so that you can use it on the road, in the workplace and at home as your constant companion. It is easy to navigate and you can access it anytime you want. That said, The Meditation Studio APP was named one of Apple’s Top 10 & Time Magazine Top 50 in 2016. The Meditation Studio APP features over 200 easy to use meditations organized into 16 collections such as sleep, stress management, pain management, high performance and happiness so as to empower users to conquer everyday issues that impact the quality of our life. Meditations range from quick two minute breaks to twenty minute session. The APP also offers courses on issues such as changing bad habits & discovering the path to happiness made complete with a calendar where you can schedule your sessions with a tracking system to monitor your progress. The originally produced meditations are designed for all levels from beginner to advanced and features many of the best meditation experts, stress reduction teachers and yogis on the planet.

4.   The Fitness & Yoga Studio

East by West Club members can launch their wellness program at our on line yoga studio which features over 2,000 hours of yoga workout content for all levels in the comfort and privacy of your own home; without all of the hassles of going to the club. Yoga on your own schedule and anywhere you like is ideal for those who are on the run.

5. Daily Inspirations


Our club members start out their day with daily inspirations provided by East by West that remind you to follow through on your good intentions to live well and achieve maximum life success.

6. Wellness Coaching

Your Wellness coach empowers you to conquer the obstacles within so you can get healthy and stay healthy, to excel to Live Well. In essence, we empower you to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be and to then dream your wellness dreams into being for long lasting change. Our Wellness Coaching Program is extraordinary. Through proven behavior change techniques, innovative coaching methodologies and engagement practices, combined with advanced health data analysis, we create One on One customized wellness plans for each member.

Wellness Coaching Key Program Features

  • Coach Access Access to a Certified Personal Wellness Coach by telephone, email or instant messaging.
  • Member Engagement We employ a range of personalized approaches—targeted communications and fun, interactive activities, promotions, competitions & campaigns—all designed to encourage and sustain maximum member involvement, productivity and retention. 
  • Online Wellness Programs Tutorials and progress trackers for exercise, fitness, weight management and more to improve wellness outcomes. 
  • Health Risk Assessment Our confidential, online questionnaire helps members identify their health risks via evidence based assessments
  • Targeted Communications, Competitions Members receive regular, targeted communications about health and wellness.
  • Medical Choice Support Comparative, interactive tool guides members step-by-step through key decisions about tests, treatments, procedures and medications.
  • Health Club Membership Discounts Discounted memberships to thousands of health clubs nationwide


7.  Stress Management

Today we all live in a fast paced and uncertain world where we move at a nerve shattering pace where the stress can cause serious health if not life threatening issues; not to mention poor performance, burn out and a life that is out of balance. This is why the East by West cornerstone foundation for wellness, life success and happiness is based on Heart Math technologies which we feel is the best stress management system in the world. The scientific research speaks for itself. Heart Math Proven Wellness Benefits Researchers have proven that getting in touch with your core feelings shifts heart rhythms to coherence, reduces activity in the sympathetic nervous system which releases stress hormones, it increases activity in the parasympathetic nervous system which slows the heart rate, reduces adrenalin and cortisol stress hormones. Additionally, getting in touch with your heart feelings increases DHEA which counters aging and boosts the IGA anti body which is the immune systems first line of defense. Further, evoking your hearts intelligence facilitates brain function, balances the nervous system, lowers blood pressure and your heart rate (for longevity) lowers stress hormones and increases the immune response leading to a paradigm shift from incoherence to coherence. Proven Emotional Benefits Using Heart Math digital technologies coupled with East by West relaxation modalities can transform feelings of stress, anger, anxiety and frustration into more peace clarity and vitality and it empowers you to easily and effectively manage stress and rebalance your body, mind, emotions and life. Here is a study showing the results of using Mindfulness Modalities and techniques for six weeks:

  • 36% Reduction in Stress
  • 32% Reduction in Resentment
  • Emotional exhaustion decreased from nearly 25 percent to almost 15 percent
  • Depression and fatigue were both reduced by nearly 50%

East by West Proven Performance Enhancement

Additionally, using East by West In the Zone modalities can Enhance Your Performance as seen in One pointed Concentration, Enhanced Accuracy, Enhanced Brain Function and Enhanced Emotional Intelligence.

Inner Balance Personal Stress Reliever Technology

That said, East by West Life Success & Wellness Club members will all receive The Inner Balance Personal Stress Reliever which is an advanced monitor that displays the hearts rhythm which reflects your emotional state and how to shift into an optimal state. The Inner Balance Personal Stress Reliever is a unique training system that objectively monitors your heart rhythms and displays the physiological level of coherence — an optimal state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in sync and in balance; and where the immune, hormonal and nervous systems function in a state of harmonious coordination. It is designed to help members achieve heart coherence by teaching them how they can reduce stress levels and manage their emotions to achieve a life in balance.

8.  Your Personal Health Advocate

Our focus is on wellness and prevention. However, should you or a family member ever have a medical issue you can sleep a little easier at night knowing that your Personal wellness advocate will listen, evaluate and then go to bat for you regarding any health related issue you may have. Importantly, our personal wellness advocate system features unlimited access to highly trained nurses at our Nurse Hotline 365 days of the year. Your personal health advocate can save you a significant amount of time, worry and money.

Our Health Advocate offers:

  • Round-the-clock health advocate healthcare advice
  • Evaluation and direction to appropriate care
  • Answers about symptoms, medication usage
  • Information about simple home-care measures for non-urgent conditions
  • Unlimited access to Personal Health Advocates to address clinical and insurance-related issues
  • Team of registered nurses backed by medical directors, and benefits and claims specialists
  • Finds in-network and top doctors, hospitals, eldercare services; facilitates appointments
  • Helps secure second opinions
  • Researches conditions and treatment options
  • Clarifies insurance benefit coverage; uncovers billing errors, negotiates fees, provides cost estimates for services and more

9.  The East by West SUMMIT

East by West will host its first Live Summit in conjunction with the World Affairs Conference at The University of Colorado in Boulder in the spring of 2018. East by West members are entitled to attend this event which features many of the world’s greatest thought leaders as well as attend our own east by west events on a complimentary basis.

10.  East by West Spas

East by West Spas is a world class spa brand that features our portfolio of luxury hotel & resort spas, our portfolio of the finest destination spas and our curated portfolio of unique spa (body-mind-spirit) experiences that can empower travelers to live a life that is more conscious, powerful, balanced and successful. To Live Well.

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To ask us more about our club you can either send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can, or you can call us at 844-716-3600 to speak with our concierge.